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Ayurveda - Balance for Body, Mind & Soul

'Ayurveda - Balance for Body, Mind & Soul'

     Balance is crucially related to our total health - physical, mental and emotional. 
In this workshop we will:

discover Ayurveda - a holistic health system where balance equals health and imbalance equals disease
uncover our 'dosha', our unique blend of physical, emotional and mental characteristics
learn how knowing these can help us to make more appropriate lifestyle choices
learn which foods complement our doshas and which to avoid
discover individual lifestyle principles for greater peace of mind.

This workshop includes a specially designed yoga sequence to complement this truly whole body approach to imbalance. 

'Ayurveda - Balance for Body, Mind & Soul' includes physical yoga practice, meditation, discussion and yoga philosophy.

Previous feedback for this workshop :
"A lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  I have come away feeling enlightened and very enthusiastic."

For details of the next dates for this workshop,
or to arrange for 'Ayurveda - Balance for Body, Mind & Soul' to take place at a private studio, your home address or workplace,
please contact Susie.

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