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Chanting : The Yoga of Sound

'Chanting : The Yoga of Sound'
Have you ever wondered why people chant in yoga classes?  What does 'Om' mean?  How does chanting enhance our experience of yoga?

Join me for an exploration of chanting in all its' forms.  We learn :

where chanting originated
why we chant
the beneficial effects it has on our bodies and our minds
chants for individual success and world peace
how to read Sanskrit
how to unlock the power of our voice

This session combines discussion, practical application and, of course, fun!

Not sure what chanting is?  Click 'play' below to listen to a beautiful good luck chant (taken from the 'Beyond Sound' CD).

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Previous feedback for this workshop :
"It was awesome!  As a teenage male I found it very relaxing and jam-packed full of information.  And the cake at the end is incredible!"

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