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Yoga & The Chakras

'Yoga and the Chakras - how yoga helps us to find balance'

This informative and revealing session helps participants to gain more from their yoga classes. 

In this workshop we learn :

the significance of the chakras (or 'energy centres') in the body
how yoga helps us to keep our chakras in alignment and thus keep our hearts, minds and bodies in balance
specific yoga postures that can correct imbalances of the chakras
the colour symbolism of each chakra

In essence, we learn why yoga makes us feel so good!


Previous feedback for this workshop :
"I thought it was wonderful.  I felt like I had such a bounce in my step.  All my worried thoughts had melted away, and my heart was lifted so high.  I wanted to hug everyone and share the love and peace I had discovered.  It was beautiful, energising and enlightening."

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please contact Susie.

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