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Colours & Yoga

'Colours & Yoga'

Colour is all around us everywhere.  This wonderful planet does not contain all the colours of the rainbow for no reason.      
Colour is important in our world and in our lives.  How?

In this workshop we will learn:

the energy of different colours and how this affects us
how colours affect our emotional state and well-being
the origins of colour therapy
symbolism behind colours
how colour relates to yoga poses
how to use practical colour therapy in our lives

A specially designed yoga sequence invoking the energy of different colours completes this fascinating workshop.

Recommended for anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves and how to enhance their personal well-being.

'Colours & Yoga' includes discussion, self-contemplation and a physical yoga practice. 

Previous feedback for this workshop :
"Very creative and inspiring."

For details of the next dates for this workshop,
or to arrange for 'Colours & Yoga' to take place at a private studio, your home address or workplace,
please contact Susie.

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