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Secrets of Hatha Yoga : Symbols & Hidden Meanings

'Secrets of Hatha Yoga : Symbols & Hidden Meanings'
Explore the secret world of yoga where we will learn :

the stories and hidden meanings behind the yoga asanas
how the lotus pose got its name
why we assume the form of a tree in yoga
why so many poses are named after items found in the natural world
how nature, animals and objects inspired the early yogi's
how to use yoga symbolism to examine our thoughts, beliefs and feelings

Diving into the mystery and meaning of yoga symbols, this workshop brings new depth and insight to your yoga practice.  The workshop includes
discussion, contemplation, self-reflection and the opportunity to learn more about your inner hopes and desires.

Previous feedback for this workshop :
"This was a truly insightful workshop and I have learned a lot of things which will continue to enhance my practice."

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