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Thoughts & Stress

'Thoughts & Stress'

You have companions, ones that never, ever leave you - your thoughts. 
With this workshop, learn how to become the master of your thoughts to reduce stress.

This workshop includes:

learning how to observe our mind
examining our thoughts for negative thought patterns
identifying Samskaras (habitual thoughts)
 learning how to let our thoughts go and find peace in any situation

Recommended for anyone who recognises stress is negatively affecting their life and wants to do something about it.

'Thoughts & Stress' includes discussion, practical tips for stress-relief and yoga philosophy. 
A specially designed yoga sequence complements this truly whole body approach to imbalance. 

Previous feedback for this workshop :
"Excellent, informative workshop.  I learnt a lot about the mind and how to deal with my thoughts.  A really useful session that I will try to incorporate into my life."

For details of the next dates for this workshop,
or to arrange for 'Thoughts & Stress' to take place at a private studio, your home address or workplace,
please contact Susie.

07759 080167