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Yoga for Health

'Yoga for Health'
We often hear in the press that yoga is good for our health - but how?  How exactly does yoga keep us healthy? 

In this workshop we will examine :

the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga
each of the main asanas (postures) to unlock their health secrets
specific yoga poses to relieve common conditions such as depression, diabetes and lower back pain
one particular aspect of our health in detail - learning a short routine for home practice
how to enhance our overall health for the future

If you've ever wondered why we do the poses we do in class, this is your chance to discover the answer!

Previous feedback for this workshop :
"I really enjoyed the workshop.  I think I have learned quite a few things I can use. It also made me understand more about the different poses we normally do."

For details of the next dates for this workshop,
or to arrange for 'Yoga for Health' to take place at a private studio, your home address or workplace,
please contact Susie.


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