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Yoga & Stress

'Yoga & Stress'

This workshop is designed to give a greater understanding of how we can use yoga to help relieve stress. 

The session discusses :

what is stress?
the relationship between the body and the mind
how stress manifests itself in our bodies
how yoga can help us to release stress in a practical way
the science behind yoga & its' effect on stress 

Specific stress-relieving yoga techniques and postures are taught and experienced so that participants leave with the knowledge and tools of how yoga can help to alleviate stress in this challenging world.

Previous feedback for this workshop :
"I had an amazing experience!  This was my first yoga experience and I am so glad I came.  I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to try yoga for the first time.  And you get cake at the end of the class.  Awesome!!!"

For details of the next dates for this workshop,
or to arrange for 'Yoga & Stress' to take place at a private studio, your home address or workplace,
please contact Susie.

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