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Private Yoga Tuition & Small Group Classes

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery", Mark Van Doren

I provide busy, stressed adults with private and small group yoga classes that keep them healthy and happy, enabling them to deal better with life's demands.

I understand how it feels to hold stress in your body and to have a busy, constantly thinking mind.  Like you, I have stresses in my life.  Yoga helps me to deal with them.

I offer individual, tailor-made, expert tuition catering for your specific needs.

Private and small group classes are suitable for anyone who:
needs to learn how to relax
wants to de-stress
needs time for themselves
wants to get fitter
wants to become more flexible
needs to be guided to reduce stress

When you book a class I will:
take a full health history
provide you with the safest options for your body
guide you with personalised instructions
help you to discover how to fully relax
ask for feedback to ensure you receive exactly what you want to achieve

Saffron Walden Classes
Private classes - £50 (1 hour)

Small group classes - £15 per person (1 hour)
Please book with a minimum of 3 people (maximum 4 people)
 These classes offer a reduced cost alongside increased individual attention

Classes take place at my home studio.

   Please bring your yoga mat to all classes.  Booking required.

I teach Sivananda (classical hatha yoga).  These classes are slow and relaxing.

Please email today to book your session.
Tel : 07759 080167
Email :