Structure of Yoga Sessions

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Structure of Yoga Sessions


(breathing exercises)

With pranayama breathing practices we learn to work with and control the energy flowing inside our body.  This energy is essential for the good health of all our bodily functions, including our mental functioning, physical movements and elimination of waste products.  When energy is stuck or not moving freely around the body it causes blockages, not only in our breathing patterns but also in our physical body and our mind, thus breathing exercises and learning how to breathe fully and deeply throughout our sessions is of paramount importance.  Good respiration nourishes the cells inside our body and is vitally important in helping to develop emotional equilibrium and stability in the mind.

Breathing exercises help us to :

  • clear the lungs of old, stale air & replace it with fresh oxygen-rich air - revitalizing the brain & nervous system
  • alleviate asthma, allergies, sinus conditions & bronchial congestion
  • strengthen the diaphragm, warm the body, increase circulation & aid digestion
  • calm the mind when agitated
  • balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain
  • strengthen the immune system
  • develop concentration
  • breathe more fully using the whole lung capacity
  • regulate the breathing to make it more even
  • slow the breath to feel more peaceful
  • breathe deeper to relax the body, mind & soul


Most children love to sing. 

The medium of song helps special children to :

  • start vocalising
  • clear energy & fear
  • relax their muscles
  • relate to others on a personal & social level
  • express a wide range of emotions
  • increase their attention span
  • develop important skills related to voice & speech, motor coordination & rhythm
  • regulate the breathing
We can only produce sound when we are exhaling, thus music and sound is especially useful for children with breathing difficulties or poor functioning lungs.

In sessions, we use ancient yoga chants in the beautiful language of Sanskrit, such as :

Shanti-Om (I am peace)
Jyoti-Om (I am light)
Prema-Om (I am love)

or, if preferred, we use the child's name to chant ie: Alex-Om


The spine is central to our good health - they say a flexible spine leads to a flexible mind, and it has to support the entire body and internal organs. 
There are four main types of asanas for the spine : backward-bends, forward-bends, twists and side-bends.  The backward-bending poses reverse the stretch of the forward-bending poses, a left twist reverses the stretch of a right twist, etc.  When combined, all four types of asanas produce a complete yoga session that enables the spinal column to keep flexible, healthy and strong.

Among their many benefits, these poses :
  • fortify the central nervous system
  • strengthen & elongate all the muscles of the torso
  • tone numerous internal organs
  • increase flexibility
  • release tension in the body
  • utilize the whole body, thus making it more comfortable to live in
90% of all active asanas utilize one of these four basic movements of the spine.


We end our sessions with deep relaxation, a hugely important part of the class, where all the effects of the previous yoga routine assimilate into the body. 
Relaxation gives the muscles and nerves time to start releasing their tensions, and the child's body has a chance to balance and realign its scattered energies.  As the child experiences relaxation, energy knots are gradually dissolved, bringing a feeling of peacefulness and calm to the child's whole body and mind.  Often the full effects of our practice and relaxation are not seen straight away, but manifest throughout the rest of the day - leaving the child calmer, happier, more peaceful and content within themselves, and better able to sleep at night.  

Because it works directly with the body's subtle energies, the practice of deep relaxation is especially beneficial for children with learning or developmental disabilities.

Deep relaxation helps us to :
  • become calm, centred and even-tempered
  • experience peacefulness
  • let the body completely rest
  • strengthen the nervous system
  • improve overall health

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