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Yoga for Children with Special Needs

"A true teacher's deepest desire is to help her students express their potential, awaken them to possibilities & give them choices in life"

I provide one-to-one and group yoga sessions to children (from birth onwards) with a wide range of conditions including:

cerebral palsy

Down's syndrome

autistic spectrum disorder (ASD)


attention deficit disorder (ADD)

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

and other physical and developmental challenges

Many of the children I work with have rare, degenerative conditions, severe physical limitations and complex needs.

The primary intention of using yoga as a therapeutic tool is to help each and every person in reaching their fullest potential with regard to their physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.

The benefits of yoga therapy can include:
improving motor control & motor planning skills
developing physical strength, muscle tone & balance
promoting flexibility & correcting postural misalignment
increasing self-awareness
establishing calm, organised mental states

Specialised breathing exercises and deep relaxation help to:
improve concentration
reduce hyperactivity
relieve respiratory ailments
develop the ability to relax
release tension
reduce fear, frustration & stress
enrich the quality & quantity of sleep

Sessions offer a step-by-step integrated system of gentle yoga postures, specialised breathing exercises and deep relaxation. 
For more information, please click here:
Structure of Sessions

The intention is to assist each child to feel comfortable and peaceful within themselves and enable them to reach their full potential.  These benefits enhance the child's capacity to learn, their well-being and how they feel about being in the world.

"I am peace, I am joy, I am love, I am light
There is a divine light inside my heart which was given to me when I was born. 
Because of that light, I am not afraid of anything or anyone".

Saffron Walden Classes
£45 trial session (up to 1 hour).
Subsequent sessions are £50.
Classes take place at my home studio.

If you book a session I will:
take a full health history
provide your child with the safest options for their body
show you how to use simple techniques at home
involve you in the whole session (if you wish)
ask for feedback to ensure you receive exactly what you want to achieve

Please email to discuss your needs today.

Tel: 07759 080167