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Here is a sample from this month's newsletter:

Quote for the Month
 'You learn something every day if you pay attention.'
Ray LeBlond

What will it be today?

The Great Outdoors

Studies show that getting outside in nature improves your concentration, helps you heal faster, increases levels of Vitamin D, helps you get more exercise, and elevates your mood. So making time to go outside can have some big effects on your life.  Here are a few ways to embrace the great outdoors:

1) Visit a park.  Volunteer to do trail maintenance work or pick up litter in a section of the park.  Sign up for a photography class.  Join a bird-watching group or a flower-finding group.  Bring your dog.  Go star-gazing or take a telescope along to find the craters of the mooon.  Bring a friend or a group or go it alone. 

2) Create your own green space.  Use your creativity.  Make a garden.  Plant a seedling in a pot and watch it grow.  Pack a picnic with foods based on what is in season.  Choose foods that are earthy, grounding and hearty like root vegetables and soups. 

3) Go camping.  You could find trails for hiking, backpacking, or mountain biking.  You could find rivers, lakes or oceans for a kayaking adventure. 

Take your adventures out of doors this November.  Experience the magnificence of the great outdoors and find balance, grounding and inspiration.  Even in today's ever-developing world, there are green spaces and open spaces in which to wonder at the wild expanse.

On a personal note, I am planning a trip to the Peak District next March.  If you have any suggestions about activities you might have participated in there or particular areas to visit, I'd love to hear them!  Please contact me at


Kindness is when you act without expecting anything in return.  But whether you're smiling at a stranger, asking a friend how their stressful day went, volunteering for a charity, or offering to take care of your neighbours cats whilst they're on holiday, kindness does more than help the other.  There's a good chance that you feel a positive boost each time you offer kindness to someone.

A study of volunteers examined physical sensations that accompany volunteering and helping others.  According to the paper: "Two thirds of helpers report a distinct physical sensation associated with helping; about half report that they experienced a 'high' feeling, whereas 43% felt stronger and more energetic, 28% felt warm, 22% felt calmer and less depressed, 21% experienced greater self-worth, and 13% experienced fewer aches and pains."

Kindness and compassion towards other people helps them and it helps you.  It also pays to offer kindness to yourself.  If you're like many, you are your harshest critic.  Thank goodness for self compassion.  If you want to be resilient and learn from your mistakes, research shows that you need to usher in some self-kindness and self-encouragement.  Self-compassion has been linked to having more motivation to change for the better, wanting to try harder to learn, and learning from the past in order to avoid making the same mistakes. 

In a world full of stresses, you might feel like your random acts of kindness won't matter.  Thanks to the growing body of research on kindness, you can feel good knowing that what you do just might be creating a positive ripple that makes the world better.

Gratitude Practice

Studies have concluded that gratitude practices yield greater happiness and health.  This year we are exploring a gratitude practice every month.  Try journaling or thinking in response to the following prompts and see if you notice a shift in your overall attitude and outlook.

I am grateful for the abundance in my life; I have enough money that I am able to...
One thing that always makes me feel better when I'm down is...
An everyday item that I depend upon but am rarely grateful for is...
I wouldn't be where I am today without this person's help and support...


And finally...

When you need to take action, rather than asking yourself, "What should I do?", try asking, "What would bravery look like in this situation?".  This opens up avenues of possibility beyond what you might have come up with on your own.

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