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Here is a sample from this month's newsletter:

Quote for the Month

 'Fear is not real.  The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future.  It is a product of our imagination causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist.  That is near insanity.  Do not misunderstand me, danger is very real, but fear is a choice.'
Will Smith

The past few weeks have seen an unprecendented increase in mental tension, anxiety and fear spanning the globe.  With the virus reaching pandemic proportions, this crisis is unlike anything most people have experienced in their lifetime.  You might find yourself being caught up in another pandemic - fear.

Yoga would advise you at this time to monitor what you let enter your body through all of your senses - not just what you put into your body by eating, but what you put into your body via your eyes (watching news reports) and your ears (endless negative social media stories).  Limit your consumption of these.  Live day by day, in the absolute present.  What's happening right now?  What can I do in this very moment that is for my greatest good and will give my mind and body what it needs?  What can I do for others right now?

Do good and release the fear.

Stop the Panic

As much as it's important to stay healthy physically during the lockdown, it's also important to stay healthy mentally - and not go into panic mode.  Here are a few ways to not trip the panic button:

1) Take a breath - breathing and thoughts are connected.  When you feel anxious and stressed out, your breathing becomes shallow, rapid and occurs from your upper chest.  Mindfully directing the breath can trigger the brain to reduce the number of anxious thoughts and restore wellness.  Take an extended deep breath from the belly and release it through your mouth for 4-6 rounds.  This simple breathing exercise can bring attention to your body and trigger a rapid relaxation response.

2) Stop rapid-fire questions - what if I still have to go to work?  What if someone is coughing next to me?  Does that mean they have the virus?  Will I get it too?  Do these questions sound familiar?  Rapid-fire questions occur when there doesn't seem to be a way to control an outcome.  Restoring the sense of physical and emotional safety then becomes paramount.  Simply notice that you are asking several questions simultaneously.  The act of noticing will help you to step back, become aware, and feel safe again. 

3) Reduce the number of conversations about Coronavirus - when you are pulled into a conversation that can increase your anxiety about this disease, ask yourself what purpose does continually talking about it serve?  If it works to educate, inform or take protective action, it is helpful.  If it does not, what are other proactive ways to help support yourself and the other person?

Passion Projects

The universe is currently giving us a reset that will unfold and unfurl in stages.  In stage one, awakened beings all over the world shelter in place for the wellbeing of all, send any concrete support we can, and send out the highest energies of love and wellbeing to our key workers, vaccine researchers, leaders, and those affected by the virus.  And in the next stage of this worldwide reset, our minds naturally gravitate to wondering what the next version of our world will look like, and how we'll navigate lost jobs, shuttered businesses, and maybe an economic recession to get there.

If you're open to viewing the shutdown as an opening to make progress on your life's work, here are a few best practices for making the most of it.

First, rest.  When you rest for a few days without trying to jump into action, you allow your nervous system to downregulate into a state that allows for more creativity and flow.

Create physical space.  Anytime you want to call anything in intentionally, you should first do a bit of decluttering.  Get rid of things in your physical space that no longer work, fit, serve you or otherwise excite you. 

Sit, then journal, to get clear on your focus.  Sit in quiet meditation for at least 5 minutes.  You can invite inspiration and clarity on what you want to create and what your next steps should be by meditating on the mantra "I'm willing" or "I'm open".  Then grab your journal and write out any fears, worries or anxieties.  When you get them out of your mind you'll be surprised at just how many clear, inspired ideas will come next.  Write them down too.  And within a few minutes or a few days you will know what project you want to focus on first.

Pick a single project and make a commitment to yourself that you'll devote a specific amount of time to it every day or week during the lockdown.  Create a sacred space for this project in your head, your heart and your calendar.  Actually put your work sessions on your calendar for at least the next few weeks, and if you finish the project before then, you can start on another!

Like every unwanted experience, this pandemic creates more opportunities for awakening, more growth, more actualisation of your potentials, and less hesitation to answer your callings.

Have Some Fun

It's easy to forget how important it is to have some fun and maybe get a little silly when you're in lockdown.  If you can't change a particular situation right away, you can change your reaction to it and seek out experiences that boost your energy and clear your mind.

To help re-energize you when you're feeling sluggish:
- put on some music and dance!

- put on some music and dance and film yourself whilst you do it.  Send the recording to your friends and family and challenge them to a dance-off!

- put on some music and dance whilst you're cooking the dinner.  Try to chop the vegetables etc in time to the music and invent new dance moves linked to your cooking!

If you need something more restful,
book a Clinical Hypnosis session to be held via the video conferencing system Zoom.  From the comfort of your own home I can teach you a deep, relaxing self-hypnosis technique that you can do over and over again to bring instant calm whenever you need it.  Click here to learn more about hypnosis, and here to read some testimonials.  I also offer private yoga sessions via Zoom. 


And finally...

It is under the greatest adversity that there exists the greatest potential for doing good, both for oneself and others.

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