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Here is a sample from this month's newsletter:

Quote for the Month

 'In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.'
Albert Einstein

In a crisis, people constantly ask,"What can I do?".  But the doing comes second.  The real issue is, "What can I be?".  Be generous of spirit.  Ultimately, when the crisis has passed, some will emerge healed, others damaged.  Some will emerge with a strong sense of self; others will only remember their helplessness and continue to carry it around with them.  Find the opportunity to grow.


When you practice compassion for others, you benefit as well.  But how do you practice compassion toward people whose actions don't align with your values?

There is no "bad"person.  Keep this in mind.  Instead of calling someone names, take the time to be curious about them as a human being.  What might they have experienced thoroughout their lives?  Could they have reached a tipping point?  How must they feel to be acting in this way?

It is easier to empathize with someone if you have something in common with that person.  That helps you see a person as human.  But how can you possibly create commonalities with someone when it's clear you have lived completely different lives and hold different values?  Researchers found when participants imagined a person enjoying a particular vegetable, they were able to recognise that person as human.  Try it!  Imagine sharing asparagus with your least favourite political figure or someone whose values don't align with yours and see if anything shifts.  If it doesn't work, give yourself a pat on the back for having compassionate intentions. 

We often forget to attend to our own suffering, so be sure to include yourself in your circle of compassion.  Once you have compassion for yourself, you'll find it much easier to offer compassion to others.  You can recognise that, just like you, everyone suffers and wants to lead a peaceful, fulfilling life.  Like you, every person just wants to feel safe and loved, and sometimes they make mistakes.


You might be surprised to find out that without you knowing about it, you've meditated at some point in your life.  Anytime you've daydreamed or been completely swept up by the moment and you've lost track of time.  During that experience, you only had present-moment awareness.  Looking back, you were content and deeply satisfied.  Your mind was not distracted. 

Have you ever tried to turn off your brain but found it impossible with all the thoughts going through your head? You've probably noticed that one thought often leads to another and yet another.  The good news is that with meditation, over time, you'll begin to notice that the unwanted thoughts drop off.  You begin to get in touch with a space of stillness.   This is the place of peace and rest - without the burden of the inner critic and self-judgement.  If you've been searching to quiet the inner noise and make some space in your head so that you can think clearly and evolve from old habits, then start a meditation practice.  Simply taking a pause for a couple of minutes can allow your mind to become aware of your surroundings and reconnect to you.

Energy Management

Everything you encounter can either increase or deplete your personal energy.  Your body does its best energy management when you have the right balance of sleep, nutrition, movement, purposeful activity, passion projects, social connection, and fun.  Regulating your energy plays a key role in how resilient you are and how unflappable you feel.

It is also important to recognise the many sources of energy depletion that you encounter daily.  Things like stress, decisions and multi-tasking can be depleting.  Some pitfalls to avoid include:

being attached to work through technology 24 hours a day
watching the news before bedtime
eating out of boredom
sitting all day
allowing "what if" thoughts to dominate your inner dialogue

With open-mnded and curious attention on what feels expansive and what feels contracting, you will soon feel energised, vital, and in control of your health.


And finally...

Any problem that comes in front of you comes to play games with you, not to make you afraid.

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