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"Before I discovered Beyond Sound Yoga I had issues with core stability and flexibility.  I felt hopeless.  Susie's instruction, encouragement and balance of mind and body relaxation has made me feel relaxed, flexible and more energetic for each day.  Life now is chilled and fun!"

"I used to have bad circulation, a restless mind, and anxiety.  Sometimes it felt like an endless circle of struggle to be able to relax and the more I tried, the more anxious I got. I love the Thought for the Day and the breathing exercises in these classes.  After every session I sleep well and feel that my whole body is working better.  I feel rejuvenated and able to face everyday stress much better.  Since coming to these classes, I have a deeper understanding of going with the flow without having to hold onto everything.  Therefore, I am less anxious.

 "I had a bad back and used to feel like my mind was constantly buzzing.  It felt painful physically and I was frustrated because I struggled to find anything that solved the problem as many classes I tried felt too advanced, or like I was intruding in a private group.  Susie took the time to correct me in poses, adapt them for me, and encourage me when I felt like giving up.  She made me feel a part of the class - welcomed.  I felt that she was personally invested in me and I was not just another person in the class.  I've noticed that my back problems are much reduced and I have built up real strength.  In meditation I am now actually able to quieten my mind and get the much needed break from the 'noise' of life.  Whilst the strength and flexibility are definite positives, the calm quiet reflection of her classes are the real gold for me."

"I was stressed and couldn't find anything that really worked and more importantly, lasted.  Although I am an older lady I don't feel awkward in the class or thinking 'I can't do this' as Susie lets everyone 'grow' at their own level and pace, always giving options for different moves from easy to more difficult.  Over time, her classes have helped me to feel more alive and responsive.  I've had a very stressful few months and I know that her classes have helped me to cope so much better."

"Thank you for a beautiful newsletter Susie.  Your insights are always welcome and worth waiting for."

"I joined the class just looking for things that might help sort my head out.  I had no idea what an impact it would have.  It has been totally amazing and has helped me more than I could have ever imagined.  Your classes have given me so much strength and coping mechanisms."


 "Relaxed, intimate and thought-provoking.  Susie gets a wonderful tone and puts everyone at ease."

Thank you to all my students past, present and future. 
Thank you for being you, so that I can be me.

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