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"I kept losing my voice following on from a virus. My speaking voice was back but I couldn't sing and my voice sounded husky.  I felt I could not go on stage.  I lost confidence in my voice and doing any theatre jobs.  Susie was wonderful.  She listened, she suggested what she thought was wrong, and then we discussed it, and that was really wonderful.  I felt listened to and I felt that we discussed potential solutions.  We then worked through more technical exercises, specifically related to how I use my voice.  I'm now aware when my vocal folds smack together with certain sounds and can immediately apply techniques to say sounds without tension in my throat."

"Susie has such a wonderful insight into my work because she has worked as an actor/performer, so she understands the reality and stress of the profession."

"I have two small dogs and sometimes when I was trying to discipline them I didn't get much response.  I took my puppy to training classes and when it was our time to do a puppy training activity, I failed.  My voice wasn't strong enough and it needs to be to protect and control my dogs.  I thought Speech Therapy might help.  Susie helped me to realise that the tone of my former speech was always very similar whether I was happy or annoyed with the dogs.  So she then gave me training to vary my sound.  I now find that my dogs respond to my voice and if other dogs threaten or attack them I can shout at them and they keep away.  It has been a great benefit and has also helped me with commmunicating with people."

"I would recommend hypnosis 1000% for anything.  I was really sceptical and dubious to start but, oh my goodness, I feel wonderful!  For the first time I don't feel like I've been ill.  Having had depression for a long time I am so pleased to have found something that works.  It was the most amazing experience of my life."

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